Qwilm is a Mephisto theme originally built by Oriol Sanchez and designed by Lokesh Dhakar for Wordpress. I have since rebuilt it to use Mephisto. Screenshot of the Qwilm interface

The design is rather unique. There are several sidebars that fan out across wide screens but on small screens the sidebars fold under each other and if the screen gets small enough under the main content column. There are also three navigation buttons that are fixed to the left of the content.

Because I no longer use Mephisto, Qwilm for Mephisto will not see any future development. The latest version is 0.6. Qwilm is released under the GPL.


qwilm-0.6.zip (3/30/08 md5:b4a8c82ef9d2d043db3924499fd9d2a4 74.8KB)
qwilm-0.6.tar.gz (3/30/08 md5:d4304593a15cce75b8d569fa8192d2c5 71.1KB)


There is a demo of Qwilm available at the Mephisto Theme Gallery.

No demo exists now.