High Altitude Ballooning

I’ve been involved with numerous high altitude balloon launches. This has included design, launch, chase, and recovery. Details of these launches is at the WWCC Balloon Wiki.

Picture Taken from High Altitude Balloon

Data Logger

I designed a data logger system for use in high altitude balloons. This was inspired by a want to understand the dynamics of the balloon and pods during the moment after burst. The data gathered by this logger could then be used to design better balloon systems.

Data Logger on a Breadboard

The logger has a Venus 20hz GPS, Sparkfun 9DOF IMU, and a One Wire Temperature sensor for good measure. Data is saved onto an SD card. The entire system is controlled with an ATmega328 micro controller and powered with a 7.4v Lion battery through a 3.3v linear regulator.

The data is stored into a csv file format and is incompatible with any spatial analysis tools, i.e. maps. I write a script to convert the data into a kml file that can be opened with Google Earth or Viking. However, most of analysis will probably be done in a spreadsheet making pretty graphs.

Tracking Web Interface

I wrote an web application to take the current position of the balloon and display it in a web browser using OpenLayers.

Photo Altitude Script

I wrote a Python script to rename pictures taken on the balloon with the approximate altitude they were taken at, see the code.

Insert into APRS

I wrote a Perl script to query the location of an instamapper object and insert it into the APRS-IS system. I wrote another Perl script to do the same for a SPOT locator beacon. This would all three independent tracking devices to be viewed from the same interface. Code is here.