Camera IR Intervalometer

My Nikon D70 has no internal settings to take pictures at periodic intervals (intervalometer). I created a handheld remote which uses the triggers the camera periodically after an adjustable amount of time with an infrared signal to the camera.

Finished Picture of the Intervalometer

I used an ATtiny85 to manage the time between trigger and to create the complex infrared signal. Besides the microcontroller there was the IR LED to do the triggering, a red LED to inform the user when a trigger happens, a potentiometer to adjust the delay between photos, and a button to manually trigger the camera. I had a PCB made to house the circuit in a pretty package. I glued the PCB onto a 2xAA battery holder. Given that most camera triggers are powered by coin batteries I expect it to last a long time. I made a mistake in the layout of the PCB and wired the IR LED to the reset pin. I dremeled away that trace and soldered a jumper to another pin but the schematic and board here don’t show that.

The videos below were taken using this intervalometer to trigger about every 15 seconds.

Traces on the PCB

Schematic and Layout of the PCB