Rideshare Search


I created a Craigslist Multiride Search web application which allows you to search for rideshares across multiple Craigslist sites from one page. For most of Craigslist searching on only one site (confined geographic area) is good enough, but because ride shares span across large areas it is helpful to be able to search multiple Craigslist sites. For instance if you are trying to get a ride out of Indianapolis to the west coast it is helpful to check not only the Indianapolis Craigslist but also the Chicago, Cincinnati, and maybe even New York sites for people passing through who could give you a lift. This tool allows you to search multiple sites with the same query at the same time.

Interface for rideshare search

The page will attempt to auto locate your device. If that fails manually enter your location. It is pretty flexible as to what counts as a location. A zip code or city / state will work fine. If you want change the distance around your location the tool will look for local Craigslist sites. Click “Refresh Location”. The text should update to show how many sites are selected, click on it to see which sites are selected (and deselect any you do not wish to search) and where they are in relation to your location.

The enter the number of days old the posts can be. Any posts older than this will not be shown in the results. Finally enter your search term and click “Search”. Entering “.” in the search term will return all rides for all locations selected.

The rides will begin appearing below the top grey box, sorted by date regardless of which site they came from. Additionally rides posted today will be highlighted green, yesterday highlighted yellow, and rides from two days ago will be highlighted light yellow.

I used IDV Solutions’ United States of Craigslist data set for the location of each Craigslist site. I uploaded this data into a MySQL database using the spatial extension. The code behind this is on GitHub.